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Lab Assistant

On any given evening in the Accessioning area of the lab you will find Criselda doing what she does best – quality assurance in the accessioning process. Cris’s primary role is assuring that aliquoting of patient samples occurs in an efficient and timely manner. What she does in addition to that task is to review every requisition for accuracy. Criselda has an amazing attention to detail and commitment to exceptional service.


VP Laboratory Information System

Sal focuses on providing daily Laboratory Information System (L.I.S.) support. But, Sal does much more than that. Sal has also provided major contributions towards the success of Manhattan Labs by championing a variety of initiatives, significantly enhancing laboratory operations and client connectivity. Sal is truly a credit to Manhattan Labs...his commitment is undying. Sal does whatever it takes to ensure that Manhattan Labs is providing excellence for our clients.


Accessioning Supervisor

Mayvelynne is committed to quality patient care, and as a result has put enormous effort to staff and train the best accessioning employees for Manhattan Labs. As the primary contact and accessioning coordinator, she is in daily contact with many clients, doctors and patients. While managing the accessioning team, Mayvelynne also steps up to take on many operational issues, covering Client Services, Logistics and even Billing.

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