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Learn more about Manhattan Labs' relationship with the local community.

Manhattan Labs Commitment To Community

Every day, Manhattan Labs works toward improving the lives of the people in our communities. As a company, our goal is to help people feel better, live longer and to improve the quality of their lives. We're focused on servicing the New York and surrounding communities with clinical laboratory excellence in everything that we do.

In the years to come, Manhattan Labs will continue to pledge an ongoing commitment to community programs that support health, education, the advancement of learning and cultural arts.

2013 Events

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Manhattan Labs Co-Sponsors The New York Arthritis Walk

Manhattan Labs proudly announced its silver sponsorship for the May 2013 Arthritis Walk in Battery Park. The walk hosted by the Arthritis Foundation is held every year to assist in the prevention, control, and cure of Arthritis.

Why sponsor the Arthritis Walk?

More than 50 million Americans (Including 300,000 children) battle against Arthritis every day.Manhattan Labs is proud to sponsor the Arthritis Foundation to support patients who suffer from Arthritis every day. We stand by the practices who endorse the Manhattan Labs Gold Standard for laboratory services to better serve their patients who are affected by Arthritis. With Manhattan Labs’ new Autoimmune Program, together with our clients, we are optimizing testing panels that may result in earlier detection of various autoimmune diseases.

For our news item related to this sponsorship please click here.

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