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The myPAP™ test

Manhattan Labs and  Know Error have combined efforts to create the modernized testing provided in the myPAP™ test. This unique, innovative, and personalized approach to Pap testing utilizes the know error® system to ensure that the Pap test results belong to the patient needing treatment.

The normal Pap test evaluation process involves several individuals and many steps once the specimen leaves the room, some of which are beyond the control of a physician. Data from the American Journal of Clinical Pathology indicates that up to 3.5%* of specimens being evaluated may not come from the patient being diagnosed. In an effort to provide the most accurate results possible and facilitate proper treatment the myPAP test uses the know error® system for bar coding, forensic principles and DNA matching.

Mypap website image finalDNA plays an important part in the myPAP testing process. A patient’s reference sample of DNA (a cheek swab) is collected at the time of a regular Pap exam. If the patient’s Pap test results from the cytology lab are positive for atypical cells, the DNA lab performs a DNA Specimen Provenance Assignment (DSPA) test comparing the DNA profiles of the reference sample and the atypical cells. Concurrence of these DNA profiles allows for absolute confirmation of patient identity.


*Pfeifer JD, Liu J. Rate of occult specimen provenance complications in routine clinical practice. Am J Clin Path. 2013;139(1):93-100.

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