Manhattan Labs Announces myPAP Test

Posted on: 6-10-2013



Manhattan Labs is proud to announce the latest innovation in PAP testing -  myPAP™ – an exclusive offering brought to you by Manhattan Labs in partnership with Know Error.

It is estimated that between 30 to 60 million PAP tests are performed annually in the US to detect the presence of dysplasia or cancerous cells on the surface of the cervix. Since cervical cancer is the 6th leading cause of cancer-related death, it is prudent that the PAP sample be checked to make sure that the person being diagnosed is the correct patient. The Manhattan Labs myPAP™ test accomplishes this by comparing the DNA profiles of the PAP specimen with a reference DNA sample of the patient taken via cheek swab at the time of the PAP test.

Data from the American Journal of Clinical Pathology indicates that up to 3.5%* of specimens being evaluated may not belong the patient being diagnosed.  Based on this information, every year there can be as many as 2 million cases of PAP misdiagnosis due to mismatched specimens. The myPAP™ test is designed to ensure that the PAP test results actually belong to the patient needing treatment and dramatically reduce the number of misdiagnosises.

Please visit our website ( for more information about myPAP™.


*Pfeifer JD, Liu J. Rate of occult specimen provenance complications in routine clinical practice. Am J Clin Path. 2013;139(1):93-100.

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